Announcement - July 2020
The Corfu Owners Association is sad and dismayed that the Prime Minister of Greece has chosen to visit Corfu to endorse the proposed development at Erimitis by NCH Capital. We have written to the Prime Minister twice to set out why this development is not in the best interests of either Greece or Corfu. Many others have done the same, and the Mayor of North Corfu has made the opposition of the local community crystal clear. This is not democracy at work.

Erimitis is a precious jewel of Greece and of the Mediterranean as a whole. It is an environmental catastrophe that this development is being allowed, let alone encouraged, on these pristine green hills and beaches. As we said in our letter, this will damage -not benefit - the local economy, and it will damage - not benefit –Greece’s reputation as a destination for sustainable development. It flies in the face of the growing importance of environmental issues throughout the world. It is a ‘solution’ taken from the 1960’s, when we are now 20 years into the 21st Century, and when the young in particular really worry about the future of a world facing many environmental and ecological challenges.

We were particularly sad that the Athens government went out of its way to ignore and overrule the local mayor’s and the local community’s legitimate concerns regarding municipal footpaths, reforestation, water discharge and the elevation/altitude study. As lovers and residents of Corfu we hope that the Prime Minister has realised, as a result of his visit, the strength and righteousness of local opposition and will think again. There is still time to insist that any development does at least respect the local environment and local culture.

We do not understand why a government that claims to support sustainable and environmentally-friendly development would ever back such an old-fashioned project. Surely it is obvious that building in such a pristine area does not qualify as a modern and sustainable development?”

Johnny Cameron, Chairman

Read the letter sent to the Greek Prime Minister by The Corfu Owners Association

Corfu Owners Association (COA) was set up in January 2019, primarily for individuals who have a home in Corfu. It aims to represent its members and to act in their collective interest in a number of ways.

COA is a not-for-profit organisation registered in Greece.

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